SBF Facing Bribery and Market Manipulation Charges – Woes Deepen

• SBF, the founder of the fallen FTX exchange, is accused of bribing a Chinese official with $40 million to gain access to trading accounts in China. • He is currently under house arrest and faces additional charges including fraud, money laundering, conspiracy and market manipulation. • His legal defense is being funded with funds

SBF’s Woes Deepen: Chinese Official Bribe and Market Manipulation Allegations Surface

• Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of cryptocurrency exchange FTX, is accused of bribing a Chinese official with $40 million. • Documents have also revealed extra charges against SBF related to fraud, money laundering, conspiracy and market manipulation. • He has hired an all-star legal team to defend himself in court while funding his defense with

Make Passive Income with HappyMiner’s Crypto Mining Platform

• HappyMiner is a crypto mining platform that allows users to mine cryptocurrencies without investing in expensive equipment. • It runs data centres all around the world and offers customers personal customer service, low minimum investments, reinvestment options, and more. • By purchasing mining contracts with HappyMiner, users can earn a fixed return daily rate

Crypto Market Surges Despite Banking Crisis: $1 Trillion Value Reached!

• The cryptocurrency market has experienced a significant rally after hitting lows on Friday, leading to many liquidations. • Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), along with many other cryptocurrency tokens, rose by over 9% and 5%, respectively. • Despite fears of a wider financial crisis caused by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, the crypto

NFT Wash Trading: Is JPEG Volume Fraudulently Inflated?

• NFT Wash Trading is a form of market manipulation that involves buying and selling the same asset to create false trading volume. • Wash trading is not exclusive to NFTs and digital currencies, but also stocks and other traditional assets. • Traders benefit from wash trading by artificially inflating their figures in order to